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Clarchien Bolognese

Clarchien Bolognese

Welcome to Clarchien Bolognese

I am one of the most established breeders of this wonderful breed in Europe.

Bologneses are companion dogs and need to live as part of the family. Therefore to afford them the love and attention they require as a breed they are not kept in large numbers and certainly never kenneled outside here at Clarchien. My dogs are very much part of the family. They have their own comfy beds and a large garden to play in. I rarely have more than 7 dogs, as I believe quantity does not afford quality. Some of the most wonderful breeders I have met over the years in all dog varieties have bred from a small kennel.

I work to the principle of:
         Your eye tells you what he appears to be.
            The pedigree tells you what he should be,
                        and his offspring tells you what he is.


IMG_0387I have been showing and breeding Bolognese for 20 years and am probably one of the most established breeders in Europe. I have over the years gathered much information on the breed. So, please feel free to contact me for information even if you are not planning to buy a puppy from me.

All my dogs are DNA tested and health checked. Many are co owned with Clynymona kennels in the Isle of Man (Virginia Dowty.) Ginny and I decided to collaborate to ensure that we could buy the best from around the world to enable us to breed the best. This has proved successful, as we have bred many Top Dogs, Top Puppies and Top Brood bitches over the years. We travel to shows in the UK and Europe to promote the breed.

Bologneses are wonderful dogs to have around. They are bright, intelligent, affectionate and funny! They are the epitome of what we all look for in our very best friend!