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Tear Stain Remover Cream


This face cleaner is a topical solution for tear staining.
It contains pure natural ingredients including essential oils (no bleach, hydrogen peroxide or antibiotics.)

NB: Cream is a light grey that dries to white.

For use to remove external tear stains on the coats of dogs and cats.
Care must be taken when applying and if it gets into the animals eye it is sensible to wash out immediately with cold water as it can cause minor irritation.

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Product Description

It is important that you keep the procedure clean and do it regularly. Remember all dogs can get tear staining. Not just white dogs. However, because of the rusty colour of the staining caused by a yeast bacteria that grows in moist wet conditions on the skin it is far more obvious on a white dog.
Firstly a short checklist:
1. Is this a puppy? Tear staining can be due to teething and the head changing shape quickly as the puppy develops. If your puppy is teething use this paste to prevent the bacteria becoming resident and once the teething has finished you should find your puppy develops a lovely clean face. Remember the already stained coat will require time to grow out and do not be too keen to heavily trim the area. Light trimming is fine but DONOT trim close to the eyes. Leave that to your groomer who has specific tools to prevent an eye injury. Puppies can suddenly decide to struggle and a painful and expensive eye injury can occur.
2. Is all worming and flea treatment up to date?
3. Check ears for any signs of inflammation or a yeasty smell that could indicate an ear infection that will require your vet’s assistance.
4. Check teeth. If they are heavily covered in tartar you may require your vet to descale them. If it is a lighter deposit it may be possible for your groomer to address this.
5. Do you suspect your dog is stressed? This can manifest itself in your dog: Barking at the window constantly. Not being clean in the house. Is he left for long periods? Has the dynamics within your home changed? New baby or pet, new friends visiting, new home. All contribute to stress and can be the root cause of tear staining.
6. If your water is hard it may be wise to substitute your dogs water with mineral water. NOT VOLVIC.

• Before commencing this course of treatment wash the dogs face thoroughly using a mild (baby/puppy) shampoo. Use an old toothbrush and scrub the area around the eye. Dry thoroughly rubbing with a towel. Comb the face.
• Wash hands
• Apply paste using a cotton bud to the affected area
• Discard the bud before reapplying with a clean bud.
• Continue until the corner of the eye area is covered.
• Prevent the dog from rubbing the face to allow the paste to set.
• Repeat as necessary. Sometimes initially this can be up to 5 times a day
• Once the paste dries. (This may take up to 5 days before this starts happening). Break it off with your fingers or CAREFULLY with a small comb before reapplying.
• Apply daily until the area is dry and then apply weekly to prevent reoccurrence and also after you have bathed the dog.

If the paste dries out just add water.

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